Episode 91: Life Scan Learning Lab Edition | Eriks Gabliks

Superintendent of the National Fire Academy Eriks Gabliks discusses his fire service career, journey, service at the Oregon State public safety training institute as well as the offerings of the National Fire Academy, Emergency Management Institute in Emmitsburg Maryland. We also discussed focusing on the physical and mental well-being of first responders throughout their careers.

Episode 89: Life Scan Learning Lab Edition | Hilary Gates

From high school English teacher to paramedic to the world of online education, Hilary Gates’s path is like no other.  You don’t want to miss this informative podcast where self-care, behavioral health, Alexandria Fire, and Life Scan are the topics of the interview!

Episode 88 Capt. Robby Owens | Intentional Planning Family & Priorities

Ep. 88 of “Get Balanced Podcast,” host Dr. Donnie Hutchinson shares another classic podcast, Firefighter Capt. Robby Owens! This episode sets the foundation for living a balanced life.  Listen as he discusses how legacies don’t really happen versus the impact a first responder can have on people, especially their families.  Capt. Robby, aka Average Jake Podcaster, talks about his learned …

Episode 87: Life Scan Learning Lab Edition | Deputy Chief Ryan Pyle

Deputy Chief Ryan Pyle of Shawnee Fire in Kansas discusses his career in the fire service, growth in the region, and his Department’s decision to change providers to Life Scan Wellness Centers as their annual provider of comprehensive annual early detection physicals.

Episode 85: Life Scan Learning Lab Edition | Rebecca Knecht

We feature LSWC Clinical Director Rebecca Knecht.  We discuss her career journey as an Exercise Physiologist, her experience interacting with fire departments and law enforcement agencies across the United States.  We further discuss why these departments and agencies have partnered with Life Scan Wellness Centers for their annual public safety early detection physical exams, the fitness component of those exams, …

Episode 84 Heith Good | Faith Family Firefighting

Ep. 84 of “The Get Balanced Podcast,” host Dr. Donnie Hutchinson features Firefighter/Paramedic and IAFF Peer Support Leader Heith Good in this next Classic Series.  Heith recently received a 9/11 award that is a must-read in the Columbus Dispatch.  When you listen, you will hear how faith, family, and firefighting are intertwined in Heith’s DNA.  He is truly a remarkable …