Episode 2: With Sgt. Eric McCants | Family Balance

In this episode of “Get Balanced,” host Dr. Donnie Hutchinson is speaking with law enforcement officer Sgt. Eric McCants.  He is a patrol officer and SWAT team member of the Burke County Sheriff’s Office.  The two are discussing Eric’s proactive strategy of consistently communicating with his wife.  As a result, Sgt. McCants offers ideas on how you can plan and …

Episode 1: with Jim Burneka | The Big Picture

In this episode of “Get Balanced,” host Dr. Donnie Hutchinson speaks with Jim Burneka of Firefighter Cancer Consultants, LLC. The two discuss Jim’s view about the “Big Picture” of work-life balance and self care.

How to take one step toward better balance today!

It’s much easier than you think. Let’s first define work-life balance… Aligning your day-to-day behaviors with your priorities in life. Notice I used the word “aligning”. It means to adjust your behaviors if they don’t support what’s important to you. What are some of your priorities in life? Let me guess…well, it’s really not a guess.  It’s what my workshop …

Humpday Hangout 11/27/2019 – The Balance Between Work and Life

I had the privilege of joining the show hosted by Frank Ricci, P.J. Norwood and with guest David Polikoff. Balancing life within the fire service industry has its’ own unique challenges. This Humpday Hangout discusses some strategies and tactics on how to improve this serious personal, family, and organizational challenge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAQPV5–P8I&t=69s