3-2-1:  Reflect – Reset – Rebalance: Let’s Rebalance!

3-2-1 Get Balanced Wednesday

by Dr. Donnie

“Helping you align your daily behaviors with your priorities in life.”


3-2-1: Reflect, Reset, Rebalance – Let’s Rebalance!

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3 Thoughts from me, 2 Quotes from others, and 1 Call-to-Action Question to help you reflect on your work-life balance and well-being habits this week.


3 Ideas from Me

Two weeks ago, I talked about taking time to Reflect and how it can provide us with a road map of where we’ve been, where we are, and where we want to go.  

 Last week, I talked about Resetting our frame of mind through self-forgiveness and how this mirrors the act of pushing the reset button. This process sets the stage for us to Rebalance our daily behaviors to align with our priorities in life.



Rebalancing is where the rubber meets the road. I recommend starting with understanding Who will benefit from these new behaviors. This understanding helps spark our intrinsic motivation. Next, we need to be very specific with our intentions of what we want to do. What new behaviors do we want to engage in, and how often do we want to do them?

Once we understand who will benefit from our changed behavior, what we want to do, and when we will do it, we should ask ourselves how and where we will do these specific behaviors.



As you can see, we’ve addressed our who, what, where, when, and how. What about our why? Why do you want to engage in these new behaviors?

Taking time to reflect, reset, and rebalance is never a one-and-done process. I encourage you to use this formula often. Use it during the good times and the not-so-good times. Oh, by the way, a tip on understanding and answering your why. Simply begin with your Who, and the answer will be revealed to you.


2 Quotes from Others


“So be sure when you step, step with care and great tact. And remember that life is a great balancing act.


  • Dr. Seuss, American Children’s Author and Cartoonist



“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

  • Philippians 4:13



1 Call-to-Action Question for You

Let’s answer these questions:

Who will benefit from your Rebalanced behaviors?

What specifically do you want to do?

Where will you do them?

When will you do them?

How will you do them?

Why do you want to do these new behaviors?


Congratulations! You are taking steps to align your daily behaviors with your priorities in life!


Reminder Alert! The law of diminishing intent. The longer you wait to engage in an activity, the less likely you will do it. 


Dr. Donnie’s Answer:  

Who will benefit from my Rebalanced behaviors? My family, those affected by my Calling in life, and me.

What specifically do I want to do? I want to increase my cardio exercise of running, HIIT, and biking to 150 minutes per week.

Where will I do them? Outside…We live in Florida.

When will you do them? Before noon five times per week for 30-minutes.

How will you do them? Outside and plan by putting it on the calendar.

Why do you want to do these new behaviors? I discussed my prehypertension blood pressure readings in the reflection and resetting parts of this three-part series. I want to increase my cardio (and modify my current food and drink intake) to see if this will help bring the BP numbers down to a healthy reading.


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Until next week, may God bless you and your family, and may the Glory be to God.

– Dr. Donnie Hutchinson


The format and style of this newsletter were inspired and highly influenced by James Clear 3-2-1 Newsletter. The content is strictly Dr. Donnie