3-2-1:  Changes in Latitude, Changes in Gratitude

3-2-1 Get Balanced Wednesday

by Dr. Donnie

“Helping you align your daily behaviors with your priorities in life.”


3-2-1: Changes in Latitude, Changes in Gratitude

Read on DONNIEHUTCHINSON.COM |  Sept 6, 2023


3 Ideas from me, 2 Quotes from others, and 1 Question to help you reflect on your work-life balance and wellbeing habits this week.

3 Ideas from Me


My favorite songwriter and performer sadly passed away a few days ago. I started listening to Jimmy Buffett as a teenager. He and his music became a staple in my life.

He was more than a songwriter and singer; he was an incredible storyteller. The lyrics of his music inspired having fun, deep thinking, and loving the ebbs and flows of life.


Jimmy’s 1977 release of Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes planted a seed in this Ohio-grown Parrot Head to one day move near the beach. I found great satisfaction in visiting the Florida beaches with a cerveza in hand and listening to Margaritaville. Perhaps the change in latitude changed my attitude.

Another deeply inspiring song to me is one of his less popular ballads. The title says it all: Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On (2006). I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve used this poetical title in my life.


I’ve learned over the years that my attitude did change when my latitude coordinates changed when visiting Florida. I pondered this for a while and discovered the change in my latitude changed my attitude of gratitude.

Whether it’s latitude or any other circumstance we encounter in life, the important thing to remember is that we will benefit ourselves, our family/friends, and our community if we take our attitude of gratitude everywhere we go. As

Jimmy said, “It takes no more time to see the good side of life than it takes to see the bad.” RIP and enjoy the beaches in Heaven.

 2 Quotes from Others


” I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

— Jimmy Buffett, American Legend

” Although I’m not a traditional “Catholic” anymore, my belief in God and the power of prayer never waned.”

–      Jimmy Buffett


1 Question for You

Who and what are you grateful for in this life? Please consider reaching out to them via text, email or a phone call to let them know.  You will not only experience a wonderful feeling for doing so, but you will also enrich another person’s life.

Dr. Donnie’s Answer:  I am grateful for my relationship with God, my wife, children, friends, and professionals I get to work within the first responder communities.  I will be reaching out and sharing my gratitude for them in the coming days.  I am grateful for my work. I am also grateful to you, my readers, for expressing your kind words and encouragement regarding this newsletter.

I would love to hear your answer and if you find this newsletter helpful and encouraging. Email: [email protected]

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Until next week, may God bless you, your family and may the Glory be to God.

– Dr. Donnie Hutchinson

The format and style of this newsletter were inspired and highly influenced by James Clear 3-2-1 Newsletter. The content is strictly Dr. Donnie’s.