3-2-1:  Balancing Like a Candle in the Wind

3-2-1 Get Balanced Wednesday

by Dr. Donnie

“Helping you align your daily behaviors with your priorities in life.”

3-2-1:  Balancing Like a Candle in the Wind


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3 Ideas from me, 2 Quotes from others, and 1 Question to help you reflect on your work-life wellness and balance habits this week.


3 Ideas from Me


I don’t know about you, but balancing my well-being and family duties feel like I’m trying to keep six wicks lit on my candle of life. Our candles have wicks which we call roles and responsibilities in life.


Like a candle with all wicks lit, our lives shine the brightest when all our responsibilities in life are effectively managed. Our physical, mental, social, and spiritual health are our four foundational self-care wicks in our candle of life. It is when these wicks are shining bright that our work and family wicks receive the maximum capability to shine their brightest flames.



We experience many problems in work-life balance when our self-care wicks start break-dancing in the wind. There are times when one or more of our self-care wicks dances too hard for an extended period of time. When this happens, these wicks can approach the point of no return.


The harsh truth about our communities’ physical and mental health wicks is very sad. The number one cause of death in the U.S. is attributed to preventable diseases. In other words, our daily behaviors are burning our physical health wicks out. For people 20 – 34 years of age, suicide is the second leading cause of death.



Our research shows that when we effectively manage our self-care, we experience positive spillover. For example, when we exercise, we receive a positive mental health benefit of feeling less stressed. When we engage in healthy habits in one role in life, the effects spill over into other roles, and the cycles continue.


Much like how the wind tries to blow out a candle wick, the storms in life try to blow our positive daily behaviors away from our priorities in life. When you notice your wicks begin breaking in the wind to stay lit, act immediately to give them protection. Each day is a new day to align your daily behaviors with your priorities in life. And when you do, you will find your life faithfully flourishing while balancing like a candle in the wind.



2   Quotes from Others



It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all, through despair and hope, through faith and love,’ till we find our place,on the path unwinding.” – Elton John




Let each of you look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.”  

– Philippians 2:4


1 Question for You


If you have a wick breaking in the wind, what is one positive behavior you would like to immediately and faithfully implement? What’s holding you back? You’ve got this!

Dr. Donnie’s Answer:  Earlier this week, I decided it was time to implement several positive spillover activities. I want to eat healthier, limit alcohol, and add sprinting to my weekly exercise routine. However, I understand this motivation could fade over time. Therefore, I created a compelling purpose.. My compelling purpose is that I want to compete in the 100 meters at the Florida Masters Track Meet in December.




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Until next week, may God bless you, your family and may the Glory be to God.


– Dr. Donnie Hutchinson


The format and style of this newsletter were inspired and highly influenced by James Clear 3-2-1 Newsletter. The content is strictly Dr. Donnie’s.