3-2-1: Hey, Negative Thoughts, – No Trespassing!

3-2-1 Get Balanced Wednesday

by Dr. Donnie

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3-2-1: Hey, Negative Thoughts, – No Trespassing!

read on DONNIEHUTCHINSON.COM | March 8, 2023


3 Ideas from me, 2 Quotes from others, and 1 Question to help you reflect on your work-life wellness and balance habits this week.


3 Ideas from Me


The latest research suggests 80% of our 50,000 thoughts per day are negative. That means we are thinking and processing 40,000 pieces of our dog Charlie’s lawn fertilizer daily.

The activities we choose daily can bombard us with negative messages. For example, I have not met anyone who feels uplifted after watching or reading the national news. Whether we are getting this negativity from TV, social media, music lyrics, or the people we choose to surround ourselves with, our free will provides the onramp to receiving these messages.


Most conscious thoughts arise from being fed by one or more of our senses. As negative messages enter our ears, eyes, or other senses, we often give them free, unimpeded access to the onramp of our minds. When it enters our minds, we think about this negativity which often leads to recalling other negative thoughts. Before we know it, we begin to experience the effects of these life-detracting thoughts. They express themselves through anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, mediocrity, and sadness.

We can choose what to watch and who to listen to, which could drastically reduce the number of negative messages to process. However, thinking we could live in a bubble of only positive thoughts is unrealistic. Therefore, perhaps we could benefit from a system to stop the thoughts once our eyes and ears receive them.


Our dog Charlie perceives everything that walks, runs, or flies into our yard as a threat and unleashes a flurry of barks. I asked him about it yesterday, and he said, “Hey, Pops, there is no room for harmful and threatening creatures in my life. You would be much happier treating negative messages and thoughts like I manage unwanted critters.”

He went on to say, “You see, Pops, just as I can’t stop critters from entering our yard, you can’t stop all negative messages from entering your senses. But you could do what I do, start barking my famous two words…No Trespassing, No Trespassing until they tuck their tail and run away.”


2 Quotes from Others


Don’t let negative thoughts consume you. Block them immediately and think of a blessing in your life and be grateful.

– Manny Khoshbin, Author of Driven


Don’t give negative thoughts the time of day. When they enter your mind, simply hit the delete button and don’t let them stay

– Joel Osteen, American Pastor and Author


1 Question for You

Would you be willing to experiment using the No Trespassing bark this week? Try to tune in to the messages you are hearing and seeing. If you deem something negative, bark the command in your mind, No Trespassing, No Trespassing and don’t give it an ounce of your energy.

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– Dr. Donnie Hutchinson

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