3-2-1: Health & Family Should Not Hang in the Balance.

3-2-1 Get Balanced Wednesday

by Dr. Donnie

“Encouraging you to align your daily behaviors with your priorities in life.”

3-2-1: Health & Family Should Not Hang in the Balance.

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3 Ideas, 2 Quotes, and 1 Question to help you reflect on your work-life wellness and balance habits this week.


3 Ideas from Me


“Prioritizing our physical, mental, social, and spiritual health needs is one of the most effective foundational practices we can do to set us and our families up for success.

It’s important not to allow outside influences to negatively impact the alignment of our behaviors with our priorities in life, such as health and family. In that case, we are giving control to others to tip the scale of balance to achieve their priorities, not ours.”



“We should eliminate distractions and things we cannot control that inhibit successful outcomes we seek with our wellness, family relationships, and career accomplishments. We can do this by putting our time and energy into managing the controllable factors effectively in our lives.

Self-efficacy is the belief in our capacity to execute behaviors necessary to produce specific performance accomplishments. We have the inherent power to control most things in our lives, albeit we sometimes fail to recognize how much power we hold. Whether this is time, our energy level, our behaviors, stress, or how we react to circumstances and outcomes.”



“It’s imperative to begin aligning our daily behaviors with our priorities in life, so our health, family relationships, and career accomplishments do not hang in the balance. Believe in your self-efficacy.

The easiest way to do this is to be honest with yourself and reflect on how many things you have control over in your life. It’s much more than most think. For example, one may say you cannot control the weather. I agree you cannot control the weather. but you can control where you live.”

2 Quotes from Others


“When you stop worrying about what you cannot control, you have time to change the things you can control, and that changes everything.”

–:Marc Chernoff, Author


“Work-life balance is not an entitlement or benefit. Your company cannot give it to you. You have to create it for yourself.”

– Matthew Kelly, Australian Motivational Speaker


1 Question for You

What one thing in your life would you like to take control of and how would that impact your life?

I believe in you. What are you waiting for? Go for it, you’ve got this!

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Until next week, may God bless you, your family and may the Glory be to God.

– Dr. Donnie Hutchinson


Work-Life Balance Instructor, Keynote, and online course creator



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