Episode 66: Angela Harrolle | Special Agent to CEO, 100 Club of Arizona Part 1 of 2

Angela Harrolle shares her heartbreaking story of how she came to be the CEO of The 100 Club of Arizona. After meeting her husband, Bruce Harrolle and having a child, she resigned from her position as a Special Agent and moved into a position as a contract Special Investigator to provide more stability for their growing family. Bruce worked as a police officer and paramedic for the Arizona Department of Public Safety.  Life took an unexpected turn in October 2008 when her husband and father to her two young children was killed in the line of duty. Angela then worked closely alongside the Arizona Department of Public Safety on “Harrolle’s Law”, this law provides surviving families with lifetime health insurance benefits following a line of duty death.  She later became the CEO of The 100 Club of Arizona, a non-profit organization that provides statewide assistance for public safety agencies, officers, firefighters, EMT/Paramedics and their families.