Episode 40: Brandon Griffith | Earn Each Day

In Episode 40, you will hear the story about a law enforcement officer who died, came back to life, and now lives to “Earn Each Day”.  Brandon Griffith is an out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest survivor who dropped dead in his home at the age of 26 from an electrical malfunction in his heart. He was saved by his wife and co-founder of Griffith Blue Heart  Nonprofit, Melissa Griffith. He is one of the few if not the only Police Officer in the country to return to full active duty after his cardiac arrest with a defibrillator implanted in his chest.  It is their mission to increase survival of cardiac arrest through law enforcement AED program implementation, high-quality Cardio-Cerebral Resuscitation training, and early defibrillation.”  Brandon and Melissa are proud parents of their 3-year old son and 7-month old daughter.