Episode 39: Life Scan Learning Lab Edition #1 | Chief Dan Kerrigan

Episode 39 is the first of many Thursday releases featuring the Life Scan Learning Lab Edition.  This is a joint marketing venture with Life Scan Wellness Centers and the Get Balanced Podcast with Dr. Donnie.   My podcast co-host is none other than the very well-known Chief Strategy Officer of LSWC and Fire Chief, Todd LeDuc (Ret.)  Todd will be featuring a guest each Thursday to discuss the most up-to-date preventive health measures available for firefighters and law enforcement officers.  Guests will share their department’s preventive health experiences to include many early detection success cases.  As your co-host, Dr. Donnie will be discussing the work-life balance and self-care practices of each guest.  The solo edition of the Get Balanced with Dr. Donnie will continue to be released each Monday and the co-host edition each Thursday.