Episode 33: Chief Todd LeDuc, Ret. – Life Scan Wellness Centers | Podcast Partnering

Episode 33 brings an exciting announcement.  Chief Todd LeDuc, Ret. serves as Life Scan Wellness Centers (LSWC) Chief Strategy Officer.  Chief Todd and Dr. Donnie are combining efforts to bring you a second podcast each week.  The new joint podcast will air on Thursdays on the Get Balanced Podcast with Dr. Donnie.  Todd and Donnie will co-host the show.  Dr. Donnie’s podcast will continue to air on Mondays.  This Podcast Partnering is a great fit for both organizations.  Health and wellness, according to my research are considered prerequisites to work-life balance.  We are very excited to bring you two episodes of health, wellness, and work-life balance each week.  Please make sure you subscribe to the podcast from your favorite platform.