Episode 27: Dr. Darrin Porcher | God is My Best Friend

In episode 27, Dr. Darrin Porcher discusses in detail his physical, mental, and spiritual self-care practices on The Get Balanced Podcast with Dr. Donnie.  “You and I are not having this conversation by accident. This podcast can have a positive effect on someone today that might change their life,” says Dr. Porcher.  He served and retired after 20-years with NYPD and the military.  Today, he is best known for being featured as a law enforcement expert on all major national news and New York City networks.  In addition, he serves as a law enforcement expert witness in many trials across the country.  He shares a ton of wisdom on this podcast to include how spirituality is at the apex of everything Dr. Darrin does in life.  He is the proud father of two adult children.