Episode 12: Deputy Chief Ian Emmons | Blessed in Marriage

In this episode of “Get Balanced,” host Dr. Donnie Hutchinson is speaking with Deputy Chief of Operations Ian Emmons of Washington Township Fire near Dayton, Ohio.  Deputy Chief Emmons discusses how having a common set of goals with his wife is one of their secrets to a happy marriage.  He shares how he supports his wife’s goals, how she supports his, and how they have family goals for themselves and their 4-year old daughter and soon to be newborn.  Ian will inspire you, as he did me, to set new goals, and to include your loved ones.  He has achieved much success in his career at a very young age.  He has his BA in Neuroscience, an MBA, and sits on the Board of Directors for the Safety, Health, and Survival Section of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, just to name a few.  Intrinsically motivated? You bet he is.  Listen as he shares how his love and drive for physical fitness have been motivating him since he was four years old.