Episode 7: Chief Raymond Garivey Jr | Working for God

In this episode of “Get Balanced,” host Dr. Donnie Hutchinson is speaking with Freeport Police Chief Raymond Garivey Jr. He experienced the remarkable privilege of working with an Angel of God, Abigail Arias.  He is relentless in living Abigail’s legacy by sharing his blessings with kids in need, police officers, community, and his family.   Chief Garivey shares his personal stories on work-life balance, positive policing, and leading his deputies and staff by example.  He summarizes his work in three words, “Working for God.  For instance, he teaches his deputies to always be on the lookout to make someone happy.  He lives each day like it is his last. His story will move you and tug on your heartstrings.  He’s is a model for Servant Leadership and walking the talk. As a result, his community, deputies, staff, and family are all flourishing.