Episode 4: with Chief Dan Kerrigan | Firefighter Functional Fitness

In this episode of “Get Balanced,” host Dr. Donnie Hutchinson is speaking with IAFF firefighter and co-author of Firefighter Functional Fitness, Chief Dan Kerrigan.  He believes in being a loving husband and active father. Chief Kerrigan encourages firefighters to find a hobby.  You will find him on the golf course, traveling, or riding his motorcycle.  He believes in “controlling the controllable’s”.  As a result, Chief Kerrigan encourages all firefighters to prioritize physical fitness, recovery, nutrition, and hydration. In addition, he says getting involved with your spouse and children should be a top priority.  For example, Chief Kerrigan shares how he benefits from listening to feedback from his wife.  As a result, he adjusts to being mindfully present when he’s with his family.  Give it a listen as he shares his best advice on realizing that some don’t always know what they are committing to until it’s too late.  As a reminder, learning to say ‘no’ is a sign of work-life balance.