Episode 5: Chief Todd LeDuc | Hard Charger to Servant Leader

In this episode of “Get Balanced,” host Dr. Donnie Hutchinson is speaking with Retired Chief Todd LeDuc.  Chief serves as a board member for the IAFC, book editor of Surviving the Fire Service, and is the Chief Strategy Officer for Life Scan Wellness.  Chief LeDuc believes in putting family and wellness as top priorities.  Although, he shares how unplugging from social media continues to be a struggle.  For example, he uses social media to inform and educate. However, when the wife says, “put it down”, he realizes enough is enough.  Chief LeDuc expresses his optimism that the fire academies will continue to increase their teachings on wellness and work-life balance.  As a result, he believes firefighters will become healthier and happier at work and at home.  Give it a listen as he shares his best advice on the importance of creating “me time” to recharge and reflect.  As a result, you will see how he transformed from a hard-charging young leader into today’s servant leader.