Achieving Work-Life Balance An Intervention Program Evaluation

Achieving Work-Life Balance
An Intervention Program Evaluation


Summary of Program:

The intervention workshop seeks to teach eligible firefighters, law enforcement officers, and paramedics how to improve effectiveness and satisfaction at work and home by building and implementing a Work-Life Balance Transformation plan.  We will evaluate the program by measuring pre-intervention and post-intervention data.

Participants will take part in a half-day online (Zoom) workshop with activities and discussions to identify who and what is important in their lives and how to begin aligning their day-to-day behaviors with their priorities in life.

​First, you will discover and document how your work-life imbalance has been affecting you, your spouse, children, and your team members at work. Secondly, you will discover and document your desired future - the goals and dreams you have for your personal self-care and your relationships at home and at work.  Lastly, you will build and implement a personalized work-life balance transformational plan.

Desired Outcomes:

  • A measurable improvement with work, home, and life satisfaction
  • A measurable improvement with physical and psychological self-care/health practices
  • A high confidence level the improvements will be sustainable

Timeline on Virtual Meetings:

  • ½ day online workshop – October 2020 (TBD)  - 3.5 - 4 hours
  • 15-day online follow-up – 15-days after online workshop:  1-hour
  • 30-day online follow-up – 30-days after online workshop: 1-hour
  • 60-day online follow-up – 60-days after online workshop: 1-hour

Project Committee:

Sara A. Jahnke, Ph.D., will provide project consulting, oversight, and data analysis.

Donnie Hutchinson, Doctor of Management, will provide the intervention trainings.

Rachel M. Hutchinson, M.A., Positive Organizational Psychology and Evaluation, will provide data analysis and copy edits.

Confidentiality Statement



Dr. Donnie Hutchinson, Dr. Sara Jahnke, Rachel Hutchinson (Program Evaluation Team)


As researchers and practitioners working on the above program evaluation, we understand that we must maintain the confidentiality of all information concerning all participants.  Only the Program Evaluation Team may have access to this information.  “Confidential Information” of participants includes but is not limited to:  names, characteristics, or other identifying information, questionnaire scores, ratings, incidental comments, other information accrued either directly or indirectly through contact with any participant, and/or any other information that by its nature would be considered confidential.  In order to maintain the confidentiality of the information, we hereby agree to refrain from discussing or disclosing any Confidential Information regarding program evaluation participants, to any individual who is not part of the above Program Evaluation Team or in need of the information for the expressed purposes on the program evaluation.  We further agree to store research records whether paper, electronic or otherwise in a secure locked location under our direct control or with appropriate safeguards. 

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