Work-Life Wednesday | Tip of the Week #4: Window of Time

Is there a “Window of Time” closing on you? What do you need to do now that you might not be able to do in two or five years? For me? Attend my daughters’ cheer and soccer games before they graduate next year – Window closes. Adjust the time element to meet your needs. Is there something with your spouse, …

Work-Life Wednesday | Tip of the Week #3: Daddy Daughter Day

A Daddy Daughter Day might just surprise you how much this means to your daughters. I’m asking our firefighters, law enforcement, first responders, and all dads to intentionally plan this priority in your work-life balance. This video will give you some helpful ideas and you will also hear what it means from a daughter’s perspective.

Work-Life Wednesday | Tip of the Week #2: Active Listening

3 simple steps to improve your Active Listening? Many #firefighters #lawenforcement and #firstresponders find this challenging at home because of their intense working conditions. This video explains the AAA method and is sure to improve your active listening.

Work-Life Wednesday | Tip of the Week #1: How to Say No

Do you struggle to say ‘no’? Many firefighters, law enforcement, and other first responders do because they have a servant’s heart. However, when you say ‘yes’, what are you unconsciously saying ‘no’ to? I’m kicking off a new video series called Work-Life Wednesday – Tip of the Week. Please give it a listen and let’s help others by sharing your …